Web Design basics

Web Design

The last key to a site- good design. Here are some of our rules that we believe make a good site:

1) content is king
2) content on every page
3) speed is better than cool
4) never force back navigation
5) don’t change navigation rules mid-site
6) if it’s there, it has a reason
7) if it moves, blinks or spins- it better have a good reason to
8) feedback is good
9) sound should be optional
10) the less plug-ins required, the better
11) always provide contact options
12) printable pages are good
13) good titles make good bookmarks
14) test on multiple platforms and browsers
15) sites should evolve, not be set in stone
16) keep it fun, informative, interesting and as brief as possible
17) build a foundation instead of a framework
18) if it only works on the newest fastest computers, it doesn’t work for you
19) treat your visitors like you would your mother (don’t talk down to them)
20) keep your site image consistent with your other communications

When we build sites we optimize all graphics to load as fast as possible. We also try to make full use of alternate tags for graphics to maximize search engine results and provide the most informative user experience.
We are a full service advertising agency, so we can also help you promote your new site using more traditional media- but often with a non-traditional approach. Please visit www.thenextwave.biz to learn more about our clients successes.

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