I can’t get my email. My site is down.

First thing to do is find out if it’s down for everyone – or just you.

www.isitdownorjust.me┬áis the answer. Type in your domain name, and it will see if it’s down for everyone- or just you.

If it’s down for everyone- you probably aren’t on this site either- because our entire server is offline or under attack.

But, if it is just you- we need one critical piece of info- your IP address.

Go to www.whatismyip.com and get the IP address you are using. An IP address usually looks like this or something similar.

Get the ip and email us from your gmail account- (because everyone should have a gmail account) or call us at 937-228-4433

More than likely what has happened is that your ip has been blocked after someone tried to access email or your FTP too many times with an incorrect password and the server security software blocked it.


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