Next Wave Hosting Web Design, Web Marketing, and E-Commerce

Web Design and Marketing that gets results

Next Wave Hosting, part of The Next Wave, an ad agency in Dayton Ohio that understands web design, web marketing, and e-commerce for business results- not just looking good..

An Advertising Agency in Dayton, Ohio That Really Understands The Web

We use free, open source, standards-based tools, not expensive, proprietary technologies that require a full-time web developer to support. We practice “Web 2.0” beyond the buzzwords; many of our clients find us because every time they search for our competition, they find us instead. We don’t like the term search engine optimization or call ourselves search engine experts– but, using our knowledge we help our clients maximize their ad dollars by giving them the tools and knowledge to end up on the first page of Google. We even offer a seminar about the internet and Web 2.0 concepts that we let our competition attend.

What can we do for you?

Next Wave Hosting is a full service internet marketing practice providing:

  • Flexible web hosting packages that support e-commerce/online stores
  • Business email
  • Web design
  • Branding, logos, and identity
  • Custom web application development using open source tools
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